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Parcel delivery

The delivery term of DHL Global Mail packages is calculated from the moment the package is sent from the German Deutsche Post terminal.

Preliminary and indicative delivery term of the package within Europe - 4-7 business days, if the package is traveling outside the European Union, the journey may take 7-21 business days.

Parcels travel only on weekdays, so weekends and holidays are not included in this term. When sending parcels outside the European Union customs formalities procedures are not included in the delivery term provided.

DHL Global Mail shipments are delivered to the specified address of the recipient at least once if TRACKED service is chosen. If the recipient cannot be found, the parcel is left at the nearest post office. It is not possible to order repeat delivery or address change/correction.

Parcels WITHOUT TRACKING are delivered to the recipient's mailbox or left at the nearest post office.

Parcel tracking

The arrival of the parcel bag to the German Deutsche Post terminal can be tracked on the Sendparcel website or directly on the carrier's platform by entering the tracking number provided by DHL Express.

If you chose the TRACKED service, you can follow the further journey of the parcel on the official website of Deutsche Post. Parcel tracking information is updated approximately 3-4 business days after the first scan of the shipment at the German terminal.

If you order service WITHOUT TRACKING, the journey of the shipment is not recorded in the terminals, tracking is not possible.

If you have additional questions about DHL Global Mailservices, please contact us!

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