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LP EXPRESS is a highly recognised courier in Lithuania, and it ensures that the parcels reaches its destination not only in Lithuania, but anywhere in the world. Many years of expertise guarantees that the shipments will reach its destination quickly and smoothly.

Where can LP EXPRESS deliver my shipment?

LP EXPRESS courier delivers the parcels to your convenience. At Sendparcel.com you can choose parcel delivery to your workplace or home in Lithuania or any other country. All parcels will be delivered to given address right to your doorstep.

If the value of your shipment exceeds 1000 EUR, unfortunately delivery of the consignment by LP Express courier is not possible.

What are the prices of LP EXPRESS?

Parcel delivery price is not only dependable on the courier you select, but also it depends on the country you’re shipping your parcel to, parcel’s dimensions and weight. To get an exact price of your parcel delivery, enter required information in to our Parcel Delivery quote and various offers will instantly appear. Our price calculator can be found here.

Are there any size restrictions?

LP EXPRESS parcels size (dimensions and weight) depend on the type of delivery service selected.
•  If you have selected LP EXPRESS courier delivery service within Lithuania, the smallest consignment’s dimensions can be 9 cm x 14 cm x ± 0,2 cm. The largest consignment may not exceed 150 cm in any dimension and 300 cm in the sum of its three dimensions.
•  The size of the international consignment must meet the following requirements: maximum length: 150 cm maximum. The maximum length of the package, calculated using the formula length + 2 * (height + width), shall not exceed 300 cm. However, there is an exception when shipping to the US, the package size must not exceed 274 cm.

Are there any weight restrictions for LP EXPRESS shipments?

LP EXPRESS international shipments can weigh up to 30 kg, but exceptions apply. Weight of shipments to Albania, Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, India, Israel, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Poland, Moldova, South Korea, Russia, San Marino, Slovakia, Sweden, Tajikistan, Taiwan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Hungary shall not exceed 20 kg.

Can I track my parcel?

All parcels booked at Sendparcel.com, regardless of the courier you have selected, can be easily tracked from the moment it has been picked up until it has been delivered. LP EXPRESS is no exception – tracking number will be provided once you have placed an order. Each shipment has a unique tracking number, which can be entered in “Parcel tracking” section at Sendpacel.com. Tracking number will allow you to track the parcel not only on our platform, but also on the courier system of your choice, so if you select LP EXPRESS courier service, you can track parcel’s journey at lpexpress.lt

What is the delivery term of LP EXPRESS?

Parcel delivery terms of LP EXPRESS depend on the country and region of your shipment’s destination. Shipments delivery within Lithuania, or from Lithuania to Latvia and Estonia takes 1-3 business days, other European countries 3-7 business days and outside Europe from 5 to 19 working days.

What items cannot be sent with LP EXPRESS couriers?

Whichever courier service you select at Sendparcel.com, including LP EXPRESS, there are items, which cannot be send using courier service. Items include:

•  Aerosols;
•  Gas balloons;
•  Fire extinguishers;
•  Magnets and other objects containing ferromagnetic materials;
•  Food supplements, products and other perishable materials;
•  Drugs and other illegal substances;
•  Unpacked and unsafe, improperly packed items;
•  Explosives and fireworks;
•  Medicines;
•  And so on.

The full list of Prohibited Items can be found here.

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